The best brands of industrial centrifuges. Don’t miss out on the bargains!

Our proposal is oriented both towards smal businesses processing small quantities and industries processing large volumes of products per day. We offer overhauled used machines and industrial centrifuges for processing milk, whey, cream and butter. We also have new or used milk extractors suitable for plants of various sizes.


What Marco Mora does

Our work consists of:

  • Searching for the best industrial centrifuges on the market, whether from existing customers or not;
  • Selection of those that can, once overhauled, provide excellent operating guarantees;
  • Overhaul and recovery of all mechanical components;
  • Testing in our mechanical workshop;
  • Supply and installation;
  • After-sales: repair and maintenance.

We choose only well-known brands, with products made by world-renowned companies, with a reliability and experience that in some cases goes back more than a hundred years. Read on and discover our brands, or contact Marco Mora directly using the contact form.

Discover the brands

Alfa Laval. Present on the market for over 100 years, it produces separators, decanters and centrifuges of various types. The skimmer was invented by Gustav de Laval, a Swedish engineer who then founded the company in 1883. The company’s machines are a guarantee of quality and are restored to their original condition by our specialised technical staff. We also offer regular maintenance and urgent repair of these machines.

GEA Westfalia. Among the products offered by this famous multinational company are separators (for the separation of liquids) and decanters (for the separation of solids), ideal for a wide range of applications. Our technical staff specialise in the mechanical and electrical overhaul of these machines, which are then reintroduced to the market with a guarantee for the customer.

Reda. A highly-engineered company, specialising in the supply of products for the food sector and in particular the production of drinks and fruit juices and milk processing. All machines are UNI EN ISO 9001 certified. Once recovered by our staff, they are overhauled in order to be delivered in a fully functional state.

SPX. Industrial centrifuges for the food, chemical-pharmaceutical and mineral oil sectors. We are dealers of used and overhauled SPX products, as well as providing qualified and prompt service throughout the country.

Andritz-Frautech. State-of-the-art solutions, first-class centrifuges and separators to meet the needs of factories and industries from the largest to family-run or small-scale operations. Contact Marco Mora for bargains and spare parts for this brand.