Industrial oil separators

By buying one of Marco Mora’s second-hand rebuilt machines, you can limit your expenses and have updated, perfectly functioning industrial centrifugal separators.
We are industrial separators suppliers, our machines can separate fluids like oil, diesel, fuel from water and impurities. We offer renewed second-hand machines with original spare parts of the best separators brands like: Westfalia, Alfa Laval, Reda, Seital SPX e Andritz-Frautech.
The elimination of water and impurities during the oil treatment is a very delicate phase that has to be done according and in respect of all the European norms.
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Industrial oil

For the correct functioning, industrial oil has to be carefully cleaned.
If the oil contains any foreign particles or water serious problems with the machine can arise.
To avoid any type of problem and use the industrial oil for a long period of time you should invest in buying a centrifugal oil separator.

Treatment of industrial fluids

The Separators we offer, provide efficient solutions for processing of used oils and industrial fluids. The use of industrial fluids such as cooling lubricants, cleaning liquids, diesel, fuel and hydraulic oils can increase or lower costs for industry. Our separators process industrial fluids extend operating lives by four to five times and reduce disposal costs dramatically.
Our separators handle the processing of washing lyes that contain oil.
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Centrifugal separators for liquid-based applications

Thanks to the use of centrifugal force, our separators are used for separating suspensions consisting of two or more phases of different densities.
They can be used for liquid-liquid separation, or for liquid-solid separation, they are equally as effective at separating liquid mixtures as removing solids.
The fields of application of the Centrifugal Separators range from separating processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries through oil and fat recovery to the production of dairy productsbeer, wine, milk, fruit and vegetable juice, as well as the processing of mineral oil and mineral oilproducts.