Cleaning disk separators

Marco Mora deals with the rebuilding of used manual and self cleaning machines for food,beverage and many other industries. We sell worldwideall you have to do is contact us directly.
Manual and self-cleaning disk separators applied to different sectors and industries permit high quality and hygiene standards.
We deal with rebuilt second-hand machines that guarantee a very high efficiency during the treatment of different products like: milk, whey, wine, beer, oils in general and other liquids.
Marco Mora’s company offers a wide range of self-cleaning separators for liquid substances. This type of separator allows the recovery of fine particles, the efficient separation of a mixture into its two phases.
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The structure of our machines

Our stainless steel manual and automatic cleaners, guarantee a high resistance and very high hygiene standards.
We supply even manual cleaners for who treats only limited amounts of liquid.
Every machine is carefully projected, they are easy to use and to maintain. Every machine is controllable by an electric panel, which permits the users to check the process in any moment.
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Different application

The equipment for sale is not destined only for the dairy factory, we are also specialized in machinery for the beer and wine production.
Our machines are all carefully inspected and renovated.These machines are also perfect for fruit and vegetable juices, and different kind of beverages, oils and animal fat treatments, they can deal with different types of liquids.
If you are looking for a new or rebuilt second-hand machinecontact Marco Mora to know more about our machines and assistance.