Bacteria removing separators

Bacteria removing separators

The process of bacteria removal is used for raw milk and whey for removing bacteria that can contaminate the product.
We are bacteria removing centrifuges suppliers. We treat equipment of the most important worldwide bacteria removing separators producers such as: Westfalia, Alfa Laval, Frau and others.
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Our machines

Marco Mora deals with  rebuilt machines, adequately inspected and updated, with new and original spare parts. We are able to guarantee the best machines for milk.
The centrifugal bacteria removal is a highly effective process used in the dairy industry for the removal of bacteria and spores from milk through the use of centrifugal force.
This process, thanks to the centrifugal force, guarantees up to the 95% removal of any type of bacteria and impurity, to assure the quality and hygiene of milk according to the European norms.

Bacteria removal separators functioning

Our bactofuges are specialized in the bacteria removal. This kind of equipment is able to separate bacteria from milk.
With the bacteria removal separation, you can avoid the addition of any unnatural preservatives to the cheese or milk. The bacteria mass, which is removed during the separation, can be re-added into the process.
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