Second hand

A separator suitable to your own dairy factory

Our range of products, which includes equipment specifically designed for cheese and milk factories, is aimed at industrial professionals that handle small and large quantities of raw materials. We also sell second hand machines that have been inspected and overhauled, as well as centrifuges to process milk, whey, cream and butter.

Lastly, Marco Mora sells new and used bacteria removing machines, suitable for all kinds of establishments.

Selection and overhaul of all second-hand machines

First step: selection. We regularly search the market for machines that our technical staff believe can provide serious and professional guarantees, on a par with new machines once they are refurbished. We visit plants that have ceased production, even if they were not our customers, to check whether their centrifuges and separators may be put back on the market.

Second phase: overhaul. Each used machine is completely disassembled. The parts are checked individually and replaced with original spare parts. The next step is the overhaul of the drum and its rebalancing. We replace bearings, clutches, gears and any other components with original parts. In addition, we carefully paint all parts to protect them from wear and tear and provide an attractive design. Finally, the machines are upgraded electrically and electronically, preparing electrical panels with inverters and PLCs for each individual machine. The motors are also replaced with the latest generation of energy-saving motors.


Meticulous inspections in our workshop

The best second-hand centrifugal separator at the greatest price points can be yours right now! Once refurbished, the machine is inspected and attached to entirely new cables and switchboards within our company workshop. Our switchboards are fully compliant with required European norms and certifications: we also offer switchboards specifically designed and tested for foreign countries with particular norms.

We simulate a typical workload, maintaining as close parameters as our client’s needs, to verify the correct function of all equipment. You may contact us to receive further information, as our staff is always happy to provide you with all the details you may need.