Continous butter making machines

Automatic butter making machines


Marco Mora supplies butter making machines for big industries and small dairy farms.
We treat also butter packaging equipment.
The production and selling of milk and milk products is not an easy activity, we have to deal with very strict hygiene, safety and efficiency rules.
We propose worldwide-personalized solutions for every customer that entrusts us.
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Butter making machines functioning

Even this machine works with a centrifugal force. The cream is inserted in the machine, after the skimming machine.
After the careful checking of the raw product, of the right temperature, of the ph and of the fat percentage, only then the butter machine can guarantee the best performance and efficiency.
The churn centrifuges the cream at the entry of the machine, and divides the low-fat part from the butter.
Everything than passes in the kneader, where the mass is compacted and drained from the low-fat remaining part, the last treatment of the machine consists of drying out and give homogeneity to the mass of butter exiting the machine.

Butter shaping machine and butter portioning machine

After the butter making machine process, the packaging process takes place. The packaging machine realizes the packaging according to the different sizes of butter.
The butter shapes go from the hotel single dose (8-10-12 gr.) to the standard size (125-250-500 gr.).
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Details on our inspected machines

Our machines are technically inspected and updated. The electric system is renovated completely, inserting inverters that control the whips rotations.
All our products are certified according to the European normative.
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