Milk and dairy

Used dairy separators

Discover the best machines for separating and skimming whey and buttermilk: Marco Mora sells machines for small, medium, or large dairies at very affordable prices.

We find the best machines on the market for the dairy industry and carefully overhaul and refurbish them. Thus, you can have a skimming separator at a bargain price, with the same guarantees as a new machine. Contact us for more information!


Refurbished centrifuges

Among the equipment you will find in our range of offerings are used skimming machines suitable for dairies of various sizes. Together, we assess your needs and try to find the most suitable machines for your requirements, carefully overhauled by our technical staff working in a highly specialised workshop.

The skimmers are delivered as new, with a guarantee for the customer. They guarantee automatic sediment discharge and treatment of cream, milk and dairy products that respects their properties, increasing the value and quality of the product. For more information on our dairy products, go to our milk, whey and cream page.


Refurbished centrifuges

Among Marco Mora‘s machinery for dairy plants are also very versatile centrifugal separators. Thanks to a thorough overhaul, the machines have minimal levels of vibration and noise.

Parts that are not made of stainless steel are repainted to ensure perfect hygiene and protection against corrosive agents. Before being put back on the market, each product is carefully tested in our workshop.

To find out which models are currently available, please contact our staff using the appropriate form: you may also call us directly.