About us

Marco Mora’s renewed industrial centrifuge

Since 1920, Marco Mora repairs and sells manual and self cleaning (automatic) disk separators, industrial automatic centrifuges, bacteria removing machines and other machines necessary for food and other industries.

Every machine is carefully checked, updated and renewed, he offers assistance to whichever machine needs to be repaired.

Marco Mora’s self-cleaning (automatic) centrifuge separators can be sent in every part of the world, our support covers reparation, assistance, maintenance and installations.


Our story

Our company was founded many years ago, our story is characterized by evolution and transformations, trying to keep up with technology and economical and industrial changes. Our origins go back up to the beginning of the 1900s, when the Mora family become a renowned name firstly working as a blacksmith and later on thanks to a change of specialization, they become professional mechanics by dealing with car reparations.

From the 1920s their “activity” changed concentrating more on centrifuge machines for cheese factory and dairy companies, because of the extended production of Parmesan Cheese around Parma. The reparations and inspections of these machines in short time became the core business of Mora’s activity, gaining and attracting entrusted clients.

In the following decades the Mora’s core business became renewed centrifuges and separators available on the market. We carefully review machines in our workshop, after being tested and inspected they are reintroduced on the market. 

Careful revisions

Marco Mora is a centrifuge separator retailer, all his machines are carefully renewed and inspected. Thanks to the group of experts working with him, every machine is checked and tested according to the type of application.
Every renewed machine has a warranty, we also deal with worldwide deliveries and start-ups.
Our machines are specialized for different applications: skimming machines, centrifugal separators, butter making machines, bacteria removing separators, automatic cleaners, winemaking machines, fruit juice machines and many others. We deal with worldwide deliveries.
If you are looking for good quality machines, you can save money by contacting Marco Mora directly.