Butter portioning machines

Butter extruder and portioning equipment

Suitable for small and large dairy processing factories alike, our assortment butter processing machinery includes the best brands currently available on the market.

We sell both new equipment and second-hand models, which have been overhauled and come with warranty. We also offer multiple models of butter packaging machinery, some of which are ideal for those whose products include small servings of butter.


The process

Once the cream has been skimmed for whey and milk, it undergoes a cold process such as churning, differing in techniques according to the volume. The newly churned butter is subsequently washed and treated to eliminate all possible residual traces of liquid (buttermilk) and micro-organisms. At this point, the mass of butter is placed in specialized machinery to be compressed and cut in the required industrial formats.

The butter filling and portioning equipment can be cut in different size sticks: the raw product is inserted in the hopper and two mechanical augers move and extrude the butter into the mould, that is then cut with a simple cutter and sent to be packaged.

Marco Mora’s machines on sale allow you to diversify your production capacity.


Our different types of machines

Our assortment includes brand new equipment, as well as fully overhauled and repaired models that have been updated with the latest technologies. We may also sell equipment in the same condition as when it was collected from the previous factory.