State-of-the-art products for the marine sector

Proper engine management is also crucial in the marine sector. Industrial separators serve to ensure proper fuel supply, with fuel free of residues and water, which in the long run irreparably damage equipment.

Marco Mora specialises in supplying industrial separators for the maritime sector in Italy and abroad, with equipment for treating oil and fuel used in the marine sector. Ideal machines for medium to large ships, with a compact and functional design. Read on to find out more, or contact us directly using the form provided.


Well-filtered fuel to protect the engine

Ships and boats can suffer serious engine damage due to the use of poorly purified diesel and fuel. It is common for water and various residues to accumulate and end up mixing with the diesel fuel, leading to clogged filters.

This problem can be solved by choosing one of our industrial separators, specially designed to provide excellent performance in the marine sector. We only choose products from the best brands, made with state-of-the-art structures and technology, easy to install and with minimal maintenance requirements.

Increase the reliability of your systems and ensure the complete removal of all impurities from the fuel, thus eliminating the risk of clogging.


Compact and functional industrial separators

Easy to install and operate, Marco Mora‘s industrial separators do not require special training of personnel. Small and efficient, they can be easily installed even in cramped spaces.

The removal of water and impurities from the diesel increases the reliability of the entire system, and also reduces the risk of sudden engine and plant breakdowns. We have overhauled used models available, or new ones, as required.

You can contact our staff at any time for further product information, clarification or updates on available offers. Click on the icon below and fill in the form.