Skimming separators

High quality skimming separators suppliers

Marco Mora is a industrial skimming separators supplier, thanks to his offer of new and second hand high quality machines, you can choose the best skimming separators.
We are separators suppliers for dairy industries that deal with milkwhey and cream. Our machines can be used to treat the milk before the powdered milk production.
Every used machine is carefully inspected and accurately rebuilt before sold. You can have high quality equipment with low cost expenses. We produce machines able to deal with big and small quantities, all you have to do is contacts us directly for further information.

Milk and whey skimming

The milk skimming is a physical process, apt to divide the cream from the low fat milk, without altering the components structure.
Milk is not as simple as it looks to make, on the contrary it’s a very complex product, rich of many nutritional elements.
Our skimmers divide the fat part from the liquid one, extracting the lipid component from the whole milk.
After a certain amount of rotations, the low fat milk and the solid parts are divided from the fat.
The lipid percentage determines the classification of the milk, which can vary from full-cream milk, semi-skimmed milk, totally skimmed milk.

The milk classification parameters are:

  • 3,5/3,6% fat: full-cream milk
  • 1,5-1,8% fat: semi skimmed milk
  • Less fat than 0,1%: totally skimmed milk
Secondly our whey skimming machines guarantee a skimmed whey remaining lower than 0,4 %.
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Our machines

Marco Mora deals with worldwide new and rebuilt second-hand machines supplying, all accurately inspected and equipped with new and original spare parts.
Our skimming machines are able to deal with the milk and whey titrationstandardisation and cleaning, with different capacities, that vary from 1.000 litres per hour to 50.000 litres per hour.
They are all equipped with a motor engine, every part of the machine in contact with the product is made of stainless steel. Our products are ideal for all types of milk and perfect for any type of dairy factory.
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