Wine and grape must

Separators for the wine clarification

We offer wine and must separators for the final phase of the wine-making process.
We deal with the sale of clarification centrifuges for any type of wine-making industry. By choosing our machines you will reduce costs.
Our separators deal with the clarification of wine and must, which is necessary to guarantee the high quality of the wine.
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How to solve the most common wine problems

The process of wine is a very complex one, because of all the components that form it. The chemical reactions that take place between the different components can cause an unstable and turbid product.
The turbidity produces sediments, which are unpleasant for the consumer.
The main concern for wine cellars and wine-making industries is to produce clear and limpid wine, to achieve this aim, specific wine-separator are required.
By choosing our wine-separators you will avoid turbidity problems, your product will be limpid and clear, the quality of wine will be high and really good to drink.

Clarification machines

By using our clarification machines you will eliminate all the solid substances present in must and wine, thanks to the centrifugal force. You will obtain a perfect liquid clarification.
Marco Mora proposes separators according to the different production capacities, and to the different type of wine (still or sparkling).

Clarifiers for beverages

The clarifying centrifugal separator is used for separating solids out of a liquid. The separator is equipped with a stack of conical disks for creating a large equivalent clarification area in a relatively small bowl volume.
Our clarifiers are designed according to the European hygienic standards and allow for the reliable separation of the finest solid particles possible by the increased centrifugal acceleration.
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