We inspect used industrial equipment

Marco Mora’s business is focused on the overhaul and repair of second-hand industrial machinery to put it back on the market in the best conditions.

We sell centrifugal separators, liquid separators, milk and cream skimmers, butter churning and portioning machines: all these are adequately inspected and repaired according to the specific instructions contained within the original manuals. Most of our separators are self-cleaning.

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Selection and overhaul of second-hand machines

  • The product is acquired based on certain fundamental values and characteristics: we prefer to collect old equipment from our clients’ factories, as they have been regularly inspected and serviced by our technicians.
  • In our workshop the whole machine is disassembled and all pieces are checked thoroughly, both mechanical and electrical.
  • We use exclusively original components and parts, such as bearings with the specific precision parameters as described by the original makers.
  • The reassembly is completed and a subsequent inspection is carried out: this allows us to check axles and mechanical housings for all the specific components.
  • The drum specifically is thoroughly inspected: we do not sell machinery whose mechanical components show significant signs of wear or corrosion. We also check and repair all adjustments and couplings. In some cases a balancing may be required, which is divided in two main parts: a low velocity and a high velocity check.
  • At this point the machine is reassembled and turned on to check vibration levels in all six major critical points. The overhaul is considered successful if all the values are lower than 2mm per second.
  • All machines go through a simulation using water. The final inspection is carried out in combination with the new switchboard and PLC to guarantee all functions. The old engine is replaced by a new energy saving one.
  • For every inspection our technicians fill out forms that specify all work that has been done, all new pieces and all values detected. These all assure a long shelf life for the machine.
  • The machine may be preassembled on an stainless steel frame with shock absorbing, height-adjustable feet, switchboard and water system.

What we do once the machine comes in our workshop

What our team does is a radical overhaul procedure. After identifying the right second-hand products on the market, they are brought to our specialised workshop, where they are overhauled and refurbished, using original spare parts from the best brands.

Our technical team performs a thorough mechanical overhaul, following which an electrical and electronic upgrade is carried out, in accordance with the latest standards of technology. Some of the most common mechanical interventions include:

  • Bearing replacement, in accordance with the technical specifications of the industrial machinery manufacturer.
  • Revision of the drum, with mechanical coupling of the various parts and rebalancing using state-of-the-art balancing machines.

If the drums are made of cast iron and do not have a stainless-steel coating, we also take care of it with a careful multi-layer varnishing process to protect the machine from corrosive agents.


Centrifuges and separators with warranty

The result? Machines with a buyer’s guarantee of up to 2 years. Products as good as new, with unrivalled cost-effectiveness.

Added to this is the excellent appearance of the used machinery for sale, which is repainted and polished, when necessary, to ensure a quality finish and design.

Do not hesitate to contact Marco Mora to find out more about our maintenance and overhaul of used machines, and to ask for clarification, prices, and information: just fill in the contact form.