Wine-making equipment from the best brands

New or used, Marco Mora‘s oenological equipment is the best in the industry. They offer excellent results and low running costs, making them the ideal support for quality wine production and breweries.

A decanter or centrifugal decanter for the wine industry is indispensable if you want to produce a clean liquid with all the organoleptic properties typical of wine.

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How to increase wine quality

Every centrifugal decanter offered by our company is designed to clarify must and wine, thus significantly increasing the quality of production. As industry experts know, separation and centrifugation processes are crucial in the wine industry and require appropriate equipment.

Our separators are used by leading wineries in Italy and abroad to clarify the must, process the lees and purify the wine, gaining in efficiency and productivity. The quality of the product increases and the costs required to make it live up to expectations decrease, with great benefits for wineries.

Waste solids can be used to fertilise the vineyard. Not to mention that all components are made of rustproof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, thus guaranteeing superior strength and hygienic standards.


The right product for small and large wine cellars

Excellent performance, superior quality, perfect environmental compatibility, and unrivalled convenience. These are some of the advantages of the oenological equipment on sale at Marco Mora: economical and functional, perfect for the wine industry and installations of different sizes.

Decanters also work well for the elimination of residues from must, with minimal maintenance requirements, working quickly and with great efficiency.

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