Milk, whey and cream

Centrifuges for the milk processing

Marco Mora supplies industrial centrifuges for the milk and dairy products processing, like Westfalia, Alfa Laval, Reda, Seital SPX e Andritz-Frautech. Our renewed second-hand machines are perfect for skimming milk and whey.
The centrifuges we propose are perfect for the dairy industry, the products’ quality is always ensured.
You can find the best centrifuge brands like: Westfalia, Alfa Laval, Reda, Seital SPX and Andritz-Frautech, at low cost expenses.
To know more about our new and second-hand updated machines you can contact us directly.

Various types of machines

Marco Mora proposes products that are able to fulfil different tasks during the milk processing in a cheese factory.
Our machines satisfy different needs, for industrial and small customers.
We usually collaborate with cheese factories that require the cleaning and skimming of the milk.
The new, second-hand and rebuilt machines we propose deal with the bacteria removalcleaning and skimming of milk and whey. If you are looking for the right machine for your cheese factory, you can contact us directly. We deal with worldwide orders.
Our technical support is always available for the installation and start-up of the machines, thanks to our long experience we are able to deal with any type of problem.
Contact us directly for further information.