Mineral oils

For mineral oils and wastewater: high efficiency separators

Find out how our mineral oil separators work, ideal for treating wastewater with the efficiency and precision your business deserves. Marco Mora supplies oil separators for industrial use for several companies in Italy and abroad.

Oil separation and cleaning equipment is essential for mechanical workshops that use machining centres for metal treatment (turning, milling, drilling, etc.). Do not hesitate to request one of our quotations by contacting us directly. Our staff is always at your disposal, with exceptional customer service.


Disc separators

Who may need a disc separator or other centrifugal equipment?

  • businesses that handle hydrocarbons.
  • Businesses that handle and process oils.
  • Businesses that handle grains and derivates.

Why are they used?

These separators for mineral oils are used to extract all the oil that can be resold, as well as to reduce costs deriving from the purification of dirty fluids.


Applications and modes of operations

The products provided by our business are regularly used to handle and process dirty oils, which are collected and funnelled into the separator for purification.

Purification happens due to the centrifugal force that separates the water and impurities.

These pieces of equipment come at a very competitive price point and can operate continuously. To obtain more information, we urge you to contact us and ask for a free quote.