Find the right fuel separator

Marco Mora’s business is capable of offering the greatest quality equipment for fuel production and processing: we specialize in the sale of separators for water, diesel oil, fuel, produced by the biggest names in the industry at a highly competitive price.

If you are looking for Alfa Laval branded centrifugal pumps, both new and second-hand, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for current discounts and special offers.


Biodiesel and biofuel production

The production of biofuels makes extensive use of separators and centrifuges. These instruments are indispensable for the production of biodiesel and especially for separating the glycerine and purifying the fuel.

It is also essential to carry out a micro-clarification of the fuel and remove the sterol glucosides, condition the glycerine, and wash out the salts.

It increases the quality of biodiesel and derivatives by removing impurities. This also avoids filter inconveniences through effective separation of glucosides.


Separation of glycerine and removal of glucosides

The glycerine that is formed must be separated completely and accurately. This is why Marco Mora supplies the perfect centrifugal separator for your needs, which separates the water from the glycerine completely and accurately.

Discover the benefits of high purity with minimal power consumption. All components in our products are safe and meet high quality standards, at a competitive cost. Reliable, easy-to-use technology that can also meet your needs for glycerine conditioning, glycoside removal and biodiesel micro clarification.

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