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Industrial centrifugal separators for oil processing plants and other uses

We offer the best deals on industrial separators and other highly qualified equipment. Marco Mora has food grade separators for oil mills and other companies specializing in cooling fluid production: we also sell bacteria removing machines suitable for milk, in compliance with the highest standards of industrial milk producers in Italy and abroad.

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Oil extraction

What is considered the most important step for olive oil makers? It is first and foremost the quality of the final product, which should be above excellency; secondly, the cost of processing and the energy consumption should be kept to a minimum. Industrial separators such as those currently sold by Marco Mora are the solution capable of satisfying these and all other needs.

Our ample range of products includes machines to extract all moisture from the oil and clarify it.

Among the immediate advantages you will notice a noticeable reduction in water consumption and a low residual fluid count; a machine that is not perfectly efficient will, in fact, lead to oil leaks into the residual liquid stream which will increase the costs of sewage purification. Our equipment will also save you a lot of money on personnel costs because it is fully automated and adjustable.


Cooling fluid extraction

We have sales offers and regular discounts on industrial separators suitable for the purification of cooling fluids: this prevents the contamination of the liquid due to the presence of small particles of steel and other metals, ceramics, silicones, or graphite. These oils come from tools and machinery in use in big workshops: they can be repurposed and reused once they go through the proper purification with a suitable machine.

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Chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as those focusing on wine making, are among our most popular clients. Find out more details by browsing through our website or by contacting us directly.