Centrifugal separators

Centrifugal Separators for liquids

Our centrifugal separators for liquids are able to divide two or three different substances.

Our separators are perfect for fruit juices and wine clarification. We deal with the production of centrifugal separators for beverage and food industry.

We also deal with pharmaceutic, siderurgic, chemical and many other industries.
Every machine is composed of high quality materials, thanks to their particular design we can guarantee the best service to all of our clients.
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Advantages our products bring

By buying our centrifugal separators, you will benefit from advantages like:

  • Quality investment for a quality product;
  • Low application costs;
  • Incomparable efficiency for performance and saving energy terms.
The application areas of our separators are various: milk, whey, wine, vegetal and industrial oil, fruit juice, different kind of beverages, different types of broth and many others.
The perfect environment for the application of our centrifugal separators is where it is possible to take advantage of the physical phenomena of the specific weight difference.

Technical characteristics

Our business deals with the supply of different industrial separators models.
We offer new and budget price equipment in perfect conditions. Refer to our page machines available to know more about all our offers, or more simply just contact us directly, we will know how to answer all your questions.